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Prices may vary due to market value

Jewelry can be made in most any size - Only working in sterling silver and copper 

& now introducing GOLD filled

**any design can also be made into either earrings, bracelet, ring and/or pendant

***Please inquire as to metal most cases, i can use any metal combination***


spiritual journey 99-

sterling silver cast pieces

-joy love hope

can be made in gold filled/gold

spiritual journey II 44-

sterling silver  

Swan 34-

sterling silver

bubble wrap ii 109-

Copper with bubble wire and rivets

sandtrap 139-

copper with silver pieces attached by rivets

Bullseye 139-

copper with silver accents

Starlite 159-

sterling silver   

artist palette

pendant 189-

ring 89-

both sterling silver 

after thought 155-

copper with silver

On my own series 169-

sterling silver cut outs

Lil' Patina 69-

copper with patina and silver rivet

bubble wrap 109-

copper with bubble wire and rivets

smoke screen 159-

brass and sterling with rivets

**brass will be replaced with copper

suspended 189-

sterling silver with slot of hoops

together forever 115-

silver and copper hoops with wire wrap

Portal 139-

Copper with sterling silver suspended in center       

FAr off galaxy 159-

sterling silver and copper with rivets

Whirly 69-

brass will be replaced with copper

or Silver 109-

joined as one 169-

brass, copper and sterling discs attached by a brass rivet

**brass will be replaced with sterling silver

saddle bag 169-

copper with sterling silver in the center

orbiting 179-

sterling disc with copper rings attached by rivets

Moonlit Waves 159-

Sterling silver with copper wire

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