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Prices may vary due to market value

Jewelry can be made in most any size - Only working in sterling silver and copper 

& now introducing GOLD filled

**any design can also be made into either earrings, bracelet, ring and/or pendant

***Please inquire as to metal most cases, i can use any metal combination***


really antique'y 149-

2.5"H x 2"w  sterling silver

Pinwheels 149-

3"H x 1.5"W disc 

sterling Silver

dancing in the sun 119-

sterling silver

chrysoprase stones

Something Simple 89-

sterling silver

Pocket Purse 119-

sterling Silver

Trish 89-

sterling and copper

Smoke screen 225-

sterling silver & gold filled

A bit dangly 89-

chrysoprase and bronzite

Flowers 69-


old college days  219-

sterling silver

More college days  189--

sterling Silver

pinwheels...deux  169-

sterling silver

Soundbox 119-

sterling silver wire   

approx 2.5"H x 2"W

icecream cone 89-

sterling Silver 

too easy 49-

sterling silver - round

Glass half full 129-

sterling silver wire   

pyrite and larimar stones

a unified front  129-

sterling Silver & leather

lots of hoops 109-

sterling silver & copper

Catherine ii    129-

sterling silver & wire   

A bit dangly 89-

sterling Silver and labradorite stones

Not catherine 139-

sterling silver 

sparkling horseshoes 129-

sterling silver with Labradorite and silver pyrite stones

chandelier 109-

sterling Silver wire and bead wire

Ocean breeze  129-

sterling silver with chrysoprase stones

Shiitake 109-

sterling silver and gold filled

Half Moon 119-

sterling Silver and gold filled

Catherine 109-

sterling and gold filled rivet

something different 99-

sterling hoops with labradorite stones

No. 3   109-

sterling Silver wire and discs

something different 119-

sterling hoops with Silver pyrite and chrysoprase stones

Just for you 89-

sterling silver & copper rivet

Maria 89-

sterling Silver & copper

auntie holly 109-

sterling and gold filled

too easy 49-

sterling silver - oval

sunflowers 109-

sterling Silver 

dancing in the sun 119-

sterling with wire wrap chrysoprase stones

blowing bubbles 89-

sterling silver & copper hoops

Itty Bitty 39-    (less 1/2"diam)

sterling Silver & copper wire

working even harder 119-

sterling silver & gold filled

Just for you 79-

copper disc with sterling silver wire 

Mountain Climber, too 89-

sterling Silver with copper wire

Three 89-

sterling and copper 

outside the shell 109-

sterling silver 

Hour glass 79-

sterling Silver with copper rivets

mixed media, too 99--

sterling and copper

& sons 110-

sterling silver & copper

shooting star 99-

sterling Silver

working hard 110-

sterling and copper

Mixed media 119-

copper and silver 

Thanks Dad! 89-

copper tubing

Blindfold 110-

sterling silver and copper band

spokes 89-

sterling silver 

heather 69-

sterling silver

And... 49-

sterling silver 

January 119-

sterling silver & copper 

Mountain climber 99-

sterling silver

Buttons 89-

Sterling silver & Copper

lookin' thru another key hole 89-

copper with sterling silver & rivets

let's try this 69-

leather and sterling rivets

different kind of hoopy 99-

1.5"H Sterling silver 

Lemont 110-

sterling silver and copper

Sanford 110-

sterling Silver and copper

salvage 110-

sterling silver and copper

That's a wrap 89-

copper tubing and sterling silver 

hodge podge 99-

copper and sterling silver

chandelier 110-

sterling silver link and copper

Hopeful. 89-

sterling with copper center

see saw 99-

sterling with copper rivets

Hopeful 109-

Sterling with GOld filled center

milepost 17.5 99-

copper with rivets

Antique'y 99-

copper cut outs

fix her upper 89-

copper with rivets

copper clad 89-

copper with sterling silver rivets

Googly eyes 110-

Sterling silver with copper disc

Antique'y 119-

1.5"H Sterling silver 

Wedding Gown 89-

Sterling Silver with Copper hoop

Infinity 89-

sterling silver 

on my own series 109-

sterling silver hand cut out

Wheels on the bus... 89-

Copper disc with sterling silver wire and copper rivet

polka dots 69-

hammered sterling silver with dots

Lil' Patina 59-

green patina on copper

Mesmerize series 69-

1" sterling silver

can make in a longer drop post

Ethereal series 79-

1" sterling Silver

can make in a longer drop post

Contemplation 79-

1" sterling silver 

can make in a longer drop post

together forever II 69-

copper hoops with silver wire

flattened out hoops 69-

copper with rivet hole

also comes in sterling 89- 

Into the abyss 79-

1" sterling silver 

Moonstruck series 44-

1" copper, can be made in sterling silver

your basic hoops 39-

2" sterling silver

tangled 64-

copper with sterling silver squiggle


layers 54-

mixed metals

**no longer making in brass 

calm 69-

1" sterling silver

Hooked for life 39-

also comes in sterling silver 59-

Strings II 69-

Copper with sterling silver wire

Tier I 89-


also comes in Copper with Silver wire wrap

Two Tone 69-

sterling silver with copper discs

sterling with gold filled discs 89-

Shield of Armor 69-

Copper with silver bubble wire

heart and soul series 110-

gold filled wrapped in sterling silver

center can be copper or silver, too-inquire for pricing

Hub Caps II 69-

Sterling Silver 

Foxy 59-

Oxidized Copper on Copper

Daisy May II 69-

Sterling Silver with copper rivet

Simple Mantras 89-

Sterling silver charms see Matching

bracelet below 'mantras'

Loopy 64-

Hammered Sterling silver


Dangling 89-

Sterling silver

Musically 99-

Sterling silver disc with copper wire and SS rivets  

Hubcaps II 99-

Sterling Silver discs

1 1/2"H

Daisy May 99-

Sterling silver discs with brass rivet

Paddling 69-

2.5" H pounded copper wire bound with wire at ends 

Polka Dots, too 59-

copper disc with rivet dots

sandtrap 69-

1.5" H Copper with silver piece and copper rivet

Bullseye 129-

gold filled with sterling silver wrappings

Three Buttons 89-

Sterling Silver with three copper rivets

Saturn 89-

Sterling Silver with copper wire


copper with Sterling silver center

jumping through hoops 89-

2" approx.

combination of copper and silver wire

More Hoops 99-

1.5" diam. approx.

combination of copper and silver wire

Joined as one 149-

copper, gold filled and silver discs joined by copper rivet- size varies

Joined as one 129-

copper and gold filled disc joined by 3 silver rivets

strings II 69-

copper with sterling silver wire

Angela 99-

sterling silver with gold filled center

holly 89-

sterling silver with copper loops

Violin 119-

Sterling silver with wire wrap

Horse shoes 89-

sterling silver

Horse shoes II 89-

Sterling Silver

Horse shoes II 69-


Easy Breezy 49-

Sterling Silver with copper wire twist

Hmmmm 89-

sterling silver with copper wire swirls

Hmmmm 99-

Sterling silver with gold filled wire swirls

Joined as one 129-

copper and gold filled discs joined with a silver rivet

helping hand 119-

gold filled wire and sterling disc

my better half 89-

copper with sterling bubble wire

Sea skate 89-

copper with sterling bubble wire

starfish of the sea 109-

Sterling silver

shucks.....oysters 159-

sterling, copper and gold filled with a silver rivet

accordion-ly 110-

sterling silver with copper center and rivet dangle

rattlesnakes 89-